5 ways to increase retention in a millennial workforce

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce today. It’s also a workforce that has developed quite the notoriety – being far more conscious about the nature of their job than your typical Gen-X or Baby Boomer. High turnover rates are common among millennial employees, with few sticking with the same job for more than a couple of years. In fact, most of them are prone to job hop until they finally land a position that fulfils their long checklist of desires, and these lists can be ‘really’ long and detailed. Essentially, raises, promotions and other traditional reward schemes alone are simply not enough to retain millennials. Therefore, it’s important to understand and employ effective retention strategies in order to…

How effective networking can help you find the ideal job

Searching for the right job can be a really tricky prospect, and you can’t just expect to land the perfect one out of the blue; you need to be actively searching for it. Professional networking is perhaps one of the most reliable ways of finding the ideal job for yourself. It involves building up a web of relationships, made up of individuals that you can assist and in turn can assist you; this includes everyone from family, friends to friends-of-friends and business connections. It’s important to understand that effective networking isn’t about begging for favours or merely exchanging pleasantries with each other. In essence, it’s the creation and fostering of long-term relationships, which in turn helps you develop your skillset,…

Top 5 skills of a successful account manager

Being a successful account manager can be a bit of a tricky process. It’s a dynamic role that requires you to strike a balance between satisfying customer expectations while staying in line with your organisation’s goals. This is done by building a series of long-term strategic relationships with key individuals. As such, it requires quite a diverse skillset – from formulating strategic plans, to delivering compelling presentations. Now, whether you’re someone who’s just stepping into the role, or a wily veteran with multiple clients and campaigns under your belt, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of self-assessment. That’s why we’ve listed down the top five skills that every successful account manager should have for you right here. Communication is…

Understanding Brexit: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Who’s, What’s and Why’s of Brexit

The United Kingdom’s Brexit saga has worked its way through three years and as many Prime Ministers. The political drama has undergone a slew of twists and turns that have experienced analysts struggling to make sense of the situation.

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