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Visual Account Maps for Sales

Stringboard helps you win more high value enterprise sales deals with interactive visual stakeholder maps. Manage and track influencers; the important relationships between buying team members; and monitor office politics to strategically navigate complex buying organisations, sell more effectively, and close your biggest enterprise sales deals, faster.

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Enterprise Sales Have Changed
The Old Sales Playbook and CRM Aren't Enough

The Problem:

Sales cycles are getting longer, more stakeholders are involved, and committee based sign offs for major deals mean that winning enterprise sales deals today takes a lot more than your old Pipeline CRM and dependable sales playbook.

Enterprise Sales Funnel Broken CRM Deals Closed Lost

In fact, Forrester’s latest research on B2B buying behaviours shows that the number of interactions required to make buying decisions significantly increased in the past two years: from 17 in 2019 to 27 in 2021, and as many as 60% of enterprise purchases now have four or more people involved in the decision. 

Let’s face it – your team’s big enterprise deals don’t fit in nice little buckets like “deal qualified”, “needs analysis” or “negotiate to close” in a pipeline do they?

Today, the truth is much more like “Fred from Marketing is keen, and he’s helped us to convince the Business Owner Sally; but we’re getting blocked by Daniel on the IT team and need to figure out a way around him to move the deal forward.”

The Solution:

You need to understand how the group will make decisions, and strategically leverage the hidden influence within the organisation to gain an advantage.

Hidden Influence to Win Enterprise Sales Deals

Your team needs a tool that can capture and manage the individual journeys that each of the buyer stakeholders needs to go on to choose your product or company. That’s what Stringboard is for.

Enterprise Sale Closed Won Stringboard Stakeholder Maps

Stringboard helps your sales team build interactive visual stakeholder maps together with deep profiles of each person in the buying group so you can track the human intelligence your enterprise sales team discovers and use it to accelerate your deals.

This human intelligence is why you have a field sales organisation in the first place – because clients don’t write it down about themselves! It’s not in any database of contact information you can purchase, it’s not on their LinkedIn profile; and it’s not in your CRM.

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Understand and Unlock Office Politics at Scale to help your Enterprise Sales Team Close

“Sales is a risky, unpredictable process. And the only way to de-risk the process is by understanding the complexities of the organisation.

Most CRM tools will help you identify the key people at an account level, but they’re really two dimensional. Essentially it’s just a list.
Having a blueprint of all the key influencers and people who are responsible for decision-making is absolutely mission critical to a salesperson.”

Justin Amos, CEO, Lygon

“We assumed it was procurement who would be driving the outcome of the bid. We ticked all the boxes with them in terms of what the company was looking to achieve but in the end someone with more power put their foot down and made the decision.

We realised no matter how good our offer was, the deal probably wouldn’t have come through. And it really highlighted the fact that deals don’t just get done based on commercials. They get done based on relationships.”

Matt Dargham, Data#3

Why Human Intelligence for Enterprise Sales?

Your top enterprise salespeople know it’s their relationship with their backchannel source that unlocks their biggest deals. 

They sell by understanding how your product fits into the career goals of the influencers in the IT team and leverage the political dynamics between departments to ensure they close the deal this quarter. 

They know that that true rapport is built by gaining deep trust through genuine relationships built on little things that have nothing to do with the deal or your product like remembering the buyer’s wife’s name; where they went on holidays in the summer; and which books they are currently reading. 

Your problem: None of this information is in your CRM. 

Magic Image Search to Make Stunning Visual Stakeholder Maps with Your Buyer's Photos

Build a beautiful Visual Account Map or Visual Stakeholder Map in no time flat with our magic built in image search to discover photos from the web for every member of the buying group that you add to your Stringboard. 

Simply type in their name, and add any additional terms needed to pull back the Google image results for your target customer to add their picture to your profile on your Stringboard. Magic!

Drop the manual copying, pasting and resizing of people’s images when you create your next Visual Account Map or Visual Stakeholder Map with Stringboard.

Works Across And All Your Devices

Stringboard works across iOS, Android and Web

Stringboard works seamlessly across our web app for desktops, iPhone, iPad and Android Devices. So no matter whether you are at your desk or out meeting clients, you can always access the intel your team needs to get the big deals done. 

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Longer sales cycles, more stakeholders involved in buying decisions, and committee-based sign-offs means that winning a sale is not a straightforward funnel. Stringboard helps sales teams to understand who is in the buyer team, their roles, reporting line, internal politics and what’s important to each of them. It is the best way to successfully navigate and win complex enterprise sales.