Understand people.

Map relationships.

Close deals.

Create a power base of individuals and teams that will make and influence buying decisions

Relationship Maps

Relationship mapping is a way to keep track of the business relationships that you or your company have built over time with a prospective customer, existing client or contact. Selling is complex. Different roles and responsibilities, opinions, buying committees, politics and agendas make it so. A visual relationship map makes it simpler.

Why Stringboard?

We built Stringboard to help sales teams better navigate the complex networking and sales process. Stringboard allows you to visually set out, analyse and map individuals, teams and their relationships, which in turn helps you understand the power base, and successfully sell by moving from opportunity management to people management. 

How Stringboard works for you?

Longer sales cycles, more stakeholders involved in buying decisions, and committee-based sign-off’s means that winning a sale is not simple. Stringboard helps sales teams to understand who’s in the buyer team, their roles, reporting line, internal politics and what’s important to each of them. It is the best way to successfully navigate and win complex sales.


Relationships, individual and group dynamics
Link individuals and their relationships
Identify key people and decision makers
Unravel the politics that drive outcomes


Key stakeholders, networks and decision makers
Plan your sales strategy
Develop deeper networking opportunities
Share call reports and group intel

Collaborate with others to get the whole picture including the intricate relationships within your favourite TV show, political or criminal investigations, or corporate structures.
Visualise people, key influencers and detractors, group dynamics, and the internal politics that drives outcomes. Use this information to successfully navigate and build personal and professional relationships.
Keep your team informed of deal value and status, provide real-time updates on progress toward winning sales, communicate insights on complex investigations.
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