Sell Better with Visual Human Intelligence

Capture, share and use the Human Intelligence your sales team gathers about the influencers; their motivations; relationships; and internal politics that drive complex enterprise buying processes so your team can sell more effectively, and close bigger deals.

Visual Account Maps for Sales

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Why Human Intelligence for Enterprise Sales?

Your top enterprise salespeople know it’s their relationship with their backchannel source that unlocks their biggest deals. 

They win by understanding how their product fits into the career goals of the influencers in the IT team while leveraging the internal political dynamics between the operations and HR teams to ensure they close the deal this quarter. 

They know that that rapport is built not by finding out where a client went to school on LinkedIn; but by gaining deep trust through remembering their wife’s name; where their kids study at university and which books they are currently reading. 

Your problem: None of this information is in your CRM.

“You can plug a framework or process into your CRM system but that’s not going to reflect the journey you’re about to go on. Because selling isn’t a commoditised process. Selling is a people process.

Sales is a risky, unpredictable process. And the only way to de-risk the process is by understanding the complexities of the organisation.”

Justin Amos, CEO, Lygon

Magic Image Search to Make Stunning Stakeholder Maps with People's Photos

Build a beautiful Visual Account Map or Visual Stakeholder map with our magic built in image search to discover photos from the web for every person you add to your Stringboard. 

Simply type in their name, and add any additional terms needed to pull back the google image results for your target customer to add their picture to your profile on your Stringboard. 

Drop the manual copying, pasting and resizing of people’s images when you create your next Visual Account Map with Stringboard.

Construct Visual Account Maps of Buying Organisations

“We assumed it was procurement who would be driving the outcome of the bid. We ticked all the boxes with them in terms of what the company was looking to achieve but in the end someone with more power put their foot down and made the decision.

We realised no matter how good our offer was, the deal probably wouldn’t have come through. And it really highlighted the fact that deals don’t just get done based on commercials. They get done based on relationships.”

Matt Dargham, Data#3

With Stringboard your salespeople can capture the human intelligence that is missing from your CRM tool. Build a birds eye view of all of the stakeholders in the buying process. 

Strategise coverage for key decision makers and influencers across your team. Target your sales efforts where relationships are underdeveloped to avoid nasty surprises.

With Stringboard, for the first time, your organisation can actually use the intelligence you learn over coffee or in the private box. You’ll know who gets on with who and which relationships might cause your deal problems down the road. This is your unfair advantage – don’t waste it!

Capture and Use Deep Observational Profiles of Key Client Personnel

Stringboard organises everything around deep observational profiles that your salespeople construct of key players at your target customer accounts. 

What matters to them? What motivates them? Where do they go on holidays? What are their kids studying at university? Capture it, remember it, and use the next time you speak to the client.

This detail is why you have a field sales organisation – because clients don’t write it down about themselves!

Human Intelligence, Shared

With shared Stringboards, you can help focus your sales team on building the right relationships and know when to leverage other team members or your senior executives to build independent relationships triangulate your intel.

Stringboard keeps a record of the human intelligence that your team have learned, ensuring the investment is not lost when a key salesperson leaves your organisation. Position your next account executive to take over seamlessly with full context about the people they are facing off to.

How does Stringboard work for you?

Longer sales cycles, more stakeholders involved in buying decisions, and committee-based sign-offs means that winning a sale is not a straightforward funnel. Stringboard helps sales teams to understand who is in the buyer team, their roles, reporting line, internal politics and what’s important to each of them. It is the best way to successfully navigate and win complex enterprise sales.

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