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Close deals faster than ever with Stringboard’s lead-mapping visualiser

Map your leads to identify real decision-makers for faster sales cycles

In the sales cycle, lead mapping is all about finding contacts that are likely to convert and become loyal, long-term clients. Without the right data and insights, this process can drag on for much longer than necessary and cause you to lose out on potential clients if you don’t know what you’re doing.

With our relationship mapping tool – a highly visual and interactive CRM platform – you can identify who you need to engage with to drive key purchase decisions and create a sales pipeline that consistently delivers.

What’s more is that you can share your Stringboards with your sales teams and give CRM platforms a much-needed makeover, ensuring high levels of usage and data-driven sales strategies.

You’re welcome.

How does our leap-mapping tool improve your sales pipeline and processes?

  • Identify powerful decision-makers who can make or influence purchase decisions
  • Nurture and maintain your leads with incredible mastery with insights gathered over time for longer sales cycles
  • Understand group behaviour that leads to deals and nurture the same behaviour in promising leads
  • Help sales teams adopt the same approach and follow consistent lead-nurturing strategies to close deals
  • Understand industry behaviour based on your existing relationships, sub-networks, and overarching sales trends
  • Hit commercial targets without costly delays and wasted resources – drive sales by knowing who to connect with

At Stringboard, we help you become a successful salesperson, one lead at a time

The sales field is frequently considered one of the toughest out there. Almost every day, you put yourself and your company values on the line in the hopes of being chosen by your target customers or clients.

In the absence of relevant data and personal insights, specifically those that inform you about who you need to be engaging with to drive purchase decisions and what makes them tick, you’re on a blind mission with a low chance of converting the leads you’re after.

If you’re sick and tired of this routine, lead mapping and lead nurturing with our visual relationship-mapping tool helps you drive an entirely different outcome. By mapping out relationships within the companies you’re targeting, you understand what needs to be done or said to guide leads towards the outcome you’re after.

Become a legendary closer with Stringboard

Closing sales with major corporates requires you to be on top of your game day after day. One way to ensure you never lose your edge is to leverage that ‘personal touch’ when you nurture your leads – tell them what they need to hear and do what they want you to do without a shred of doubt.

That’s what we deliver with our relationship-mapping tool.

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