Find the right talent and connect them with the right clients
Map out the complex ecosystem of talent, and the companies looking for it, with our relationship-mapping tool

Source and secure talent effortlessly and watch your talent pool grow with just a few clicks

Connect with the cream of the crop and match them with your clients on Stringboard, our visual and interactive client-mapping tool. With the insights you derive, make the right connections by knowing who to engage with.

In the recruitment industry, building rewarding and meaningful relationships with clients comes down to securing incredible hires. This requires you to keep track of top executive talent across numerous fields including the marketing, communications, and technology fields.

With the help of the insights generated by our tool, build rewarding relationships and networks with existing clients and the existing talent pool to position yourself as a reputed recruiter with a good eye and an incredible success rate.

How does our revolutionary client-mapping tool help you overcome recruiting challenges?

  • Identify potential candidates and stakeholders without the need to scout in fruitless avenues
  • Nurture relationships with the right individuals to land high-reward clients
  • Learn how to identify and engage meaningfully with highly qualified candidates – no more rookie mistakes
  • Discover your recruitment style across the talent pool and create a consistent candidate experience to build a strong brand
  • Tailor your recruitment and client consolidation processes by understanding how the different players in the industry are connected

At Stringboard, we help you supercharge your recruitment with networking insights

The talent market is in a constant state of flux and comprises Millennials and Generation Zs who are quick to change and adopt new trends. Nurturing client relationships by sourcing the right talent needs to be done with the ultimate intuition, therefore.

Using your connections and the insights cultivated by our tool, pick out the right candidates for the clients you have in hand, without wasting time or precious resources.

In this process, build your brand and position yourself as a highly sought-after recruitment agency by connecting with high-profile clients. Think about it – all you need to do is make connections with the right people. Our tool helps you uncover who these people are.

Make the right connections = make money. It’s that simple

With a deep understanding of how the industry works and which personalities you need in your contact book, save your time, money and resources, while making money, simply by knowing who you need to call or email.

Becoming a top recruiter is all about the talent you source and the clients in your pocket. Download our app to work with the best of the best.

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