Trailblaze your career in the media with the right contacts and news sources
Map your contacts and build media relationships for greater clout

At Stringboard, nurture the right media relationships in a few clicks

With our incredibly intuitive and interactive visual relationship mapping tool, connect with reputable media personalities and news sources and plot your career with exceptional levels of mastery and control.

If required, you can even share your Stringboards with your media teams and keep everyone on the same page about where the news worth chasing is. Ultimately, our tool helps you unearth incredible insights on group behaviour, allowing you to identify what exactly you need to do to be in the right place at the right time for news worth capturing.

High-quality media relationships and news sources are available in just a few clicks. All you need to do is add the data in and act on the insights we generate.

How our tool revolutionises your networking and relationship-building in the media

  • Identify real trailblazers or powerful decision-makers in the media and plot ways to connect with them through mutual contacts
  • Nurture and maintain your news sources with greater insight and precision
  • Keep track of your progress/stage of relationship-building with each media contact
  • Enjoy an insider view of how media relationships work with an interactive map based on your own observations and notes
  • Understand industry behaviour based on your existing relationships, sub-networks, and overarching media trends
  • Give your team the same leverage to get the news you need, when you need it – connect them with the right people without costly delays

At Stringboard, we help you plan your future and achieve it, one contact at a time

With the insights you dig up from our relationship map, you automatically understand who to engage with, who the real decision-makers are, and which media relationships you can leverage to position yourself as a source of truth and be responsible for award-winning journalism.

If you manage your own media teams, keep them informed about your progress towards certain relationship-related end goals. You can also provide real-time updates on communication insights, complex investigations, and other information in an incredibly appealing visual format.

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Drive life-changing relationships and connections with Stringboard

They say your network is your net worth. In today’s increasingly digital and interconnected world, this could very well be true. A virtual and visual relationship mapping tool like Stringboard has incredible value and can help you consistently level up by making the right connections.

Download our app to begin a more enriching media relationship-building journey. Plot your future and success by understanding how to engage with the right people.

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